A Plate

Artist: Shimaoka Tatsuzo (1919-2007)
Stoneware, pale grey glaze over impressed ropework design inlaid with white slip to the outer edge, the centre with three roundels with red, green and yellow okinawa-style glazes, impressed maker's mark
Diameter: 23 cm
Price: SOLD

Galerie Besson, London
Private Collection

One of the most celebrated aspects of Shimaoka's work was his use of the technique by which knotted ropes were rolled across the surface of the clay to create repeating pattern impressions. Filled with slip and the excess later scraped away, in the hands of a master it can creates intense spiralling patterns that delight the eye. In this plate, the ropework acts like a vortex, with the slowly turning herringbone pattern drawing us in and allowing the bright green, red and yellow enamels of the roundels to float, apparently just a hair's breadth above the surface of the dis

A Plate
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