A Rectangular Bottle Vase

Artist: Hamada Shoji (1894-1978)
Stoneware, the moulded bottle with tenmoku glaze to the sides decorated with a wax-resist finger-wipe design to each prime face and a nuka glaze to the neck and shoulder
Height: 19.8 cm
Width: 12.2 cm
Depth: 7 cm
Price: £1,950

Bonham’s, 20th Century Japanese and Korean Ceramics, 7 November 2006, lot 13
Goldmark Gallery, Rutland
Private Collection, Devon
Private Collection

This rectangular bottle form is a classic example of Hamada's repertoire, and the combination of the simple finger-wiped design through the glaze to show the body is a wonderful demonstration of how he could enliven a shape he had made many times before with a swift stroke or two. The immediacy of the design contrasts beautifully with the solidity of the form, creating an object which can add a vibrant, living note to anywhere it is placed in your home. 

A Rectangular Bottle Vase
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