A Teabowl

Artist: Ewen Henderson (1934-2000)
mixed laminated clays, the dark brown and dark grey body with a soft sheen, white and pink volcanic glazes to the body, base and interior, raised on a small foot
Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
Price: £1800 + ARR

Ewen Henderson's teabowls feel like a concentrated essence of his work in a form that can be held in one hand - the experimental variations on a standard form, the colours, the volcanic glazes that still seem to be in a state of flux, all of these factors are present in this wonderful example. 

Like a small sculpture, this bowl inhabits the space it occupies with some authority, with each viewpoint offering something new. The dark coloured body closes in slightly towards the rim, containing the space within very effectively and making the viewer make a concious effort to look inside. This is rewarded though by a foaming layer of bubbling white glaze, bringing light and life to the interior. Although we know these glazes are solid, fixed by the fire of the kiln, they still appear liquid, frothing and dripping like an overflowing glass of champagne.

A Teabowl
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