A Yunomi

Artist: William Marshall (1923-2007)
Stoneware, the persimmon glaze with a wax resist running pattern of criss-cross strokes, impressed WM seal to foot
Height: 9 cm
Diameter: 8 cm
Price: £750

K.E.Marigold Austin, Dorset
Private Collection

A delightful yunomi which sits well in the hand, this piece demonstrates perfectly how a simple object well made can be a thing of great joy.

At the age of 14, William Marshall, or Bill as he was generally known, became Bernard Leach’s first apprentice. He was to stay at the Leach Pottery until 1977 and was very much Leach’s right-hand man. As Leach grew older, Marshall, a natural thrower, would often throw some of Leach’s larger and more challenging pots for the master to finish and decorate. His own work has a very distinct voice and using a relatively small repertoire of forms and glazes, he created pieces which impress by their quiet but strong presence. His pots have the cardinal values of function and form to the fore and are also eminently useable

A Yunomi
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